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Friday, April 03, 2009

craft your own ceiling cat

You know, Ceiling Cat. The cat that started out as a kitty peeking from the ceiling and moved on to become the LOLspeak for The Benevolent Powers That Be. (Just Google "ceiling cat" if you don't believe me, but remember it's not my fault he seems to be so observant.)

You need never forget that Ceiling Cat is watching you - for I've found the source of the full-color 3D paper model of CC, at what I think is The Most Delightful Art Blog I Never Saw Before.

I give you Ceiling Cat in paper at Tubbypaws. Doesn't it crack you up when catchphrases become artforms? Does me - but then, I'm an art historian and it would. Paper doesn't make you laugh? Oh come on, how 'bout plush?

Check the sweet Japonisme excellence you get when you search Tubbypaws for "cat." And Happy Friday to you.

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