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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"yer honor." "woof."

Hello everybody! I was up against a couple of freelance contracts with tight deadlines, and surely missed being here.

I wasn't in Rabbit Hash Kentucky either, though it would be diverting. This tiny town in Boone County has developed the wise habit of electing dogs as mayors. Goofy was the first one in 1998. The second was Junior Cochran, who has departed for the doggie beyond as of May 2008 - so they're on their third. An open-minded society, the citizens of Rabbit Hash have elected a woman this time, a Border Collie named Lucy Lou. The exciting rundown of this political process here, in which 215% registered and unregistered voters exercised their rights. (Her opponents included an opossum.)


Anonymous said...

Border collie is a wise choice, even though some of them have control issues.

Electing a dog as mayor only partially makes up for the horrid name of the town. Haasenpfeffer, KY would be only slightly better.

(My wife nicknamed one of our backyard rabbits Hassenpfeffer after she saw it near her garden. Now we just call it Stew for short.)

curator said...

Oh, OW. Ha ha - I'd have done something like that. I had a garden snake that I called "Legs."