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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

wanda gag

Today I must admit I am disappointed. I had planned to bring you all a post on Wanda Gag (1893-1946), the author and illustrator best known for Millions of Cats and The Funny Thing. (I loved that last one when I was a kid - boy, was that foreshadowing.)

As this informative page on Gag tells me, she stood up to a number of struggles early on in life, including being orphaned and responsible for siblings at a young age. Yet she made it to the Art Students' League in New York in 1917. Bearing in mind the strong "folk" woodcuts being explored over in Europe at that time, it doesn't surprise me now that her work had a simple, playful quality. And here is where I get disappointed. I wanted to send you directly to good looks at her work, but such does not seem to be readily available online.

All I could find to show you was part of The ABC Bunny and The Funny Thing (without The Funny Thing!).

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