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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Poor lil' P*nut.
She's a sweet petite calico who is a mature lady cat now, and subject to aches and pains from arthritis. She lives with my friend Janet, who racked her brains for a good way to soothe her discomfort. Then Janet found Dr. Lisa Reising and the Animal Healing Center. There they specialize in alternative therapies such as homeopathy and flower essences, Chinese and Western herbal medicine, and nutrition. P*nut herself is benefitting from their acupuncture services.

Here's a couple of interesting photos of P*nut in treatment. Don't worry, that may look scary but P*nut is in no discomfort. In fact, she is gaining some relief.


Everycat said...

Sweet, petite and bristling with pins! We shout a big Yay for acupuncture (and P'Nut) it's helped Angel out big time. She's even fallen asleep during a session. Mind you, at 19, she'll fall asleep anywhere..


curator said...

I second that: YAY!!