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Saturday, September 12, 2009

cat gummies, cat goma

Katjes of Germany and their candy is not new to me exactly, but it's been many years since I ran into a bag. And to date I hadn't run into bags of their Katjes-Kinder, Katzen-Pfotchen, and Ohren (Kittens, Cats Paws, and Ears) all at once. Turns out the entire company's genesis in 1950 began with a 1910 recipe from Sicily for making licorice cats. But that's on their History page.
What you probably want to see is the candy. So have you ever had the hard, herbal Katzen Ohren? I haven't yet, but I tend to like my licorice more plain like the Katjes-Kinder. (Where are the Paws on the company website?) I may skip the Salty Herrings, but many folks enjoy a good salty licorice. The entire Katjes website is here.

I also happened for the first time upon Himalayan cat Goma's fantabulous blog today. Which included a link to the Lolcat translator. Oh, temptation.

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