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Saturday, October 03, 2009

let's go to the pet circus

Up up up the fuzzy pole the kitty goes to the pie-sized platform many feet in the air. The pole is being held steady by a strong man, but is that cat really going to jump that far down? Yes, he is. But he will land safely in a fat green pillow held by a red-headed clown. Meanwhile the four white matching Spitz dogs are getting their pretty collars on, ready to dance, and a couple other kitties are persuaded to come out of the flower-bedecked bicycle baskets after their refreshing clown-powered ride.

The clown is Denis Ignatov, and he and his furry friends have created "Performing Dogs and House Cats," an all-pet circus in which feats ranging from daring to sweet (you'll love the "Cat Wedding") are performed for your delight and even education. Ignatov has also added his own acrobatic piece in "Cube." Overview of the performances here. But be sure and see the video clips on the cat page, the dog page, and the mini-"pet show."

Meanwhile, did you even know those cat-lovin' engineer guys had their own candidate for the past election? They proposed their cat Ginger, and I have to say they made a compelling case for her. (The military reenactment alone was worth the time: "Don't buzz the tower! You'll get in trouble!")


parlance said...

Having watched the spiel for Ginger, I think I can say Ginger would make a very, very tolerant president.

A good fun video!

curator said...

I must admit I laughed very hard. "Don't buzz the tower!"