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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

late breaking treat! cute little bunny cakes!

Actually cute little bunny manju, a Japanese treat made of flour wrapped round sweet bean filling. I stumbled upon these just as I was about to head out for the night, but thanks to an excellent blog named The Food Librarian, you get to dream whether to eat these or make squee-ing sounds of joy. Bunny cakes here! Mmmmm.

-- Addendum: Rabbits and the moon go back to a legend from India telling of a bunny that hopped into a fire so starving people could eat, and was transported to the moon as a reward; as the story traveled over time and place, the Japanese version had the bunny pounding rice flour, or mochi. You might enjoy this page for a further look. Be sure and find the children's song over to the right.

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Anonymous said...

We agree that bunnies are cute and delicious. It must be easier to get the cakes than the real thing, though. (We've never caught one.)