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Saturday, November 21, 2009

what robot the dog found

Most everybody knows about the fabulous Lascaux caves, near Montignac in SW France. That's where a treasurehouse of Paleolithic cave art was found: the fat-bellied tawny horses, the great black bulls, stags, the occasional feline creature.

Most people also know the unusual story of how this wonder came to light in 1940 when four boys and a dog named Robot went on a forest adventure looking for a supposed tunnel, and Robot found a certain intriguing hole.

But has anyone seen a photo of Robot? You can on this page. He still looks a bit overwhelmed by it all, but you can easily understand that when you go to this virtual Lascaux. (And you should, since you can't go to the real one any more.) Wow.


parlance said...

That's an incredibly moving story. A young boy to devote his life to something precious in that way.

curator said...

I thought so too. I'm actually glad we can't go into the caves any more. It's more important to know they are there.

parlance said...

I agree. Just knowing they exist enriches humanity.