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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

freshly found cat worship

Big thanks to Joey and Maggie at The Long and Short of It All, who found this breaking news story on the recently found 2000-year-old temple possibly dedicated to Bastet. There's a photo of a lively sculpture to go with. Boy! You guys lost no time getting to me with that one!

"It is said, too, though I cannot say if the story is true, that Cambyses conquered an Egyptian city once, by the help of cats; that is, when his soldiers were just going to attack the town, he gave to each of them a cat, instead of a buckler. The Egyptians, of course, would not fight with cats, and rather than let one of them be hurt, they allowed their city to be taken." -- From The Cat and Her Cousins, 1871.

1 comment:

Cliff and Olivia said...

Another fascinating tid-bit. Thanks for sharing.

We like the idea of soldiers with kitties.