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Friday, March 19, 2010

he really did surf with a cat

I'm sure you heard this on NPR yesterday too. Domingo Pianezzi, a Peruvian surfer, took an alpaca named "Pisco" surfing off the beach at San Bartolo. In his surfing career he has ridden the waves with dogs and cats and other beasties, but wanted to take along a creature symbolic of his country. (You didn't hear that? I have a YouTube here.)

So of course the first thing I want to know is "Who is this guy? and where can I see those other surfin' pets?"

I found footage of Domingo surfing with his calico cat Nicolasa, and I have to say it's pretty amazing - that kitty just hangs onto that board as cool as you please, and that's not calm water. Now if anyone finds anything about Domingo's surf exploits with the parrot and the hamster, let me know!

(a little later) But I'm not satisfied. I always want to see if I can find the extra thing, and I think I have - a short film from Hawaii made in the 1920's introducing "Night Hawk," the surfing dog. Though the film touts this as "World's First Surfing Dog," I'm sure that isn't strictly true, but you are going to love this anyway. Thanks to the LiveVideo page that found this in the first place.

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Cliff and Olivia said...

What a strange and wonderful place this world is...

And what a brave kitty!