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Sunday, June 20, 2010

solstice dog

i took this

Fremont Solstice Fair! Though the skies were overcast and the day was often close to chilly, we were not about to miss the parade. So off we went, with Robin & Finchy's dad John, to celebrate the longest day of the year and celebrate summer. (Or look for it, actually - but we didn't find it!)

That's where we found this little rockstar, sitting as patient as can be in her mom's bike basket. Like we could pass up that photo op. No.

I formally and finally joined the Snow Leopard Trust, checked in with PAWS and the Northwest Animal Rights Network, and shook the hand of Kelly Lyles.

And I found this little guy sitting under the Fremont Bridge . . .

Happy Solstice, everybody.

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parlance said...

Happy solstice! Shortest day of the year right now in Australia. (I love winter.)