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Friday, July 23, 2010

the dog as muse: "coffee with a canine"

As so often these days, I heard it on Facebook first: "Bubba and I are featured in 'Coffee with a Canine!'" my friend Carolyn posted.

Carolyn has recently published a fine mystery so I'm happy to see her getting shout-outs, and as for Bubba, well, she's adorable, so there. So of course I proceeded to Coffee with a Canine. This friendly blog delivers exactly what it promises: Human. Canine. Caffeine. And the resulting alchemy that gets everyone involved through their day. I said in the title "dog as muse," and I firmly believe that whether your day involves "art" or not, somebody inspires you to keep on living your life and times. That's a muse, my friends.

Please go visit with my friends Carolyn and Bubba and acquire a copy of Hemlock Lake. Then meet some new folks - perhaps you have a preference as to their breed? Coffee with a Canine has guests sorted thusly, in case you'd like to sample the world view of a whippet or a Spitzen, a dingo or a goldendoodle. What a great idea for a blog.

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