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Saturday, July 10, 2010

weekend fun post: meet monster truck, the kitten

**Edit, August 20 2010. I'm so very sad to have to report that lovely Monster Truck was killed by a neighborhood dog. The story, plus a warm appreciation of Monster Truck's kitty soul, by Joel Veitch here. Sigh...I'm teary. Do join with me in sending sympathy to Joel and his family. -- curator**

At last.
At last it is the weekend. At last the sun is out (now that it's July). Oh bliss, happiness.

Sometimes a curator simply has to celebrate with a joyfully silly post. Luckily for me, the gang over at rathergood.com (Joel Veitch there is the brilliance behind the almighty Viking Kittens) provide a reason:

There's a new official kitten over at rathergood, and his name is Monster Truck.
Joel wrote a little song for him.

But wait! It gets better! He posted it over at b3ta, and the community there lost no time chiming in with their adventures in nomenclature.

"I have cats called
Scud Missile

"I have known cats called
Curtains, Windows and Supersuds."

"I have three cats
Frank, Chip & Beans."

You should probably just go to the discussion thread. Enjoy - and look for the guy whose sister named her cats Baby Driver and State of Maine.


Katnip Lounge said...

Hysterical! What a way to waste a few minutes at work...thanks! ;-)

curator said...

Well you're welcome. I always love Joel Veitch's work and how much more with a fresh new kitten involved!