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Thursday, September 02, 2010

a medieval elizabeth?

(image: public domain, thanks Wikipedia)
Around 1325 - 1335, Sir Geoffrey Lutrell of Imham (in Britain's Lincolnshire) commissions a psalter. He will use it daily as it guides him through the Mass, offers him inspiration through the Psalms, or just keeps him organized with its calendar.

Throughout its pages, bright images surround those good words. Some show holy folk and stories from the Bible. Others - very many others - show the life around Sir Geoffrey in all its high and low pursuits.

And somewhere in there, somewhere on a page where it probably took him months to realize it existed, a cat looking much like my own Elizabeth traps a vermin in her elegantly slim, grey and black stripey paws. Would you like to learn about the Lutrell Psalter? The British Library has it, and can show you more.


Fin said...

What a great piece!

Katnip Lounge said...

Us Cats get around!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Do you remember where you saw that 'medieval Elizabeth'? The British Library site has the entire book available on-line, but we couldn't find the kittie on the pages.

No big deal, we were just wondering.

curator said...

Hi Lee County Clowder, I DID try to find her - but that is a lot of book to go through! I hope she really is in there and I was not fooled by the available citation.