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Saturday, September 18, 2010

stop everything. go meet this otter.

No, I'm serious. Drop everything else you're doing and get yourself over to I am Otter.

There you will find a most engagingly drawn and recounted daily life of a simple otter in a flat in the London suburbs. What do you feed a domestic Brit otter? Otter feed, of course - it comes from the internet and it's salty. Occasionally this otter eats coffee, which it loves dearly. And where do otters come from? In this case, from a box left on the otterkeeper's doorstep. What does an otter do all day? Oh, so many things.

I am Otter. And I am one delighted Curator.


curator said...

Eek! Katnip Lounge, Blogger blipped and removed YOUR comment instead of the spam one next to it! But I am so glad you loved Otter too.

keeper said...

yayayayayayaayay me and teddy are over the moon that you like us !!!
and otter keeper says hi too
lots of love

curator said...

Oh Otter! I am so thrilled that you visited and I think you and Otter Keeper are the greatest. Lots of love back -- curator x!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Has the Otter Keeper (or The Curator) read Ring of Bright Water? Our Food Source read it a long time ago, and says "it it has a lot of humor in it", what ever that means.

It is mostly about a guy living some where like Scotland, with a couple otters to keep him company.

keeper said...

yep me and otter keeper LOVE ring of bright water - best book EVER!!
although he won't read the ending to me :(
it is a wonderful book though - his otter had so much personality