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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's spring (finally) . . . so, rabbit proverbs

From A Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs, John Collins, ed. (London) 1823.

A galgo viejo echale liebre no conejo. "Send an old greyhound after a hare, not after a rabbit." That is employ men of talent and experience for the discharge of any important duty.

El conejo ido, el comejo tenido. "When the rabbit is gone, advice is given.' A reproof to persons for their neglect, when they have recourse to remedies when it is too late. We say "When the steed is stolen we lock the stable door."

De mal montecillo, buenio es un gazapillo. "From a little hill a small rabbit is acceptable." It is applicable to covetous and mean persons, who seldom give anything to their friends or others.

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