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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

vintage dog photo time, up in mayfair

Gerry and Oliver (with some help from "the ape") over at Everycat drew my attention to an article in yesterday's Manchester Guardian. There I learned that collector Libby Hall has me solidly beat at the vintage-photo-time thing. A selection of her gathered dog images, ranging from the 1850s to the 1950s, is up the the Kennel Club Art Gallery in Mayfair, London. See the article/slideshow here. You'll find them all delightful.
Now should you be near the Kennel Club and want to see this for yourself, here's the Kennel Club website page on the exhibition.


Winnie said...

Would be interesting to see how much some dogs have changed over the years.
Love and licks Winnie

Kristine said...

I love old photos like these and could spend hours (days? weeks?) going through them all. Especially when animals are the focus. Thanks for passing on the link!

curator said...

You're welcome! If I were in London I would try to see the show myself.