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Friday, August 26, 2011

delicious fish

thanks wikimedia commons {public domain}

They'll never notice if he takes just one fish. . . Maybe two. Pieter van Boucle (French, circa 1610 - 1673) has presented such a bounty of finned treats that you probably took a minute to realize there's a hungry, intent interloper off to the left there. Van Boucle's painting has all the details and abundance of the Dutch-style stilllifes popular in his time, but he mixes in a detail that's not only very much alive but sympathetic.

That cat reminds me of the new buddies that have popped up on my porch lately this summer. Some just want a kind word and a place to roll around. Some slink up with a guarded hope from stage left, too skinny not to get a little kibble. Elizabeth will never miss a handful. Maybe two.


Jill said...

"The Persistence of Fish"?

DamnCuteBunny said...

The cat literally adds life to the painting!

Everycat said...

The addition of the cat is so funny, we like paintings that show us getting one over on the apes.

Gerry & Oliver