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Saturday, August 20, 2011

this dog is "a little confused"

copyright and by kindest permission of elle j wilson

This greyhound, with its Modigliani-like elongation, is "A Little Confused," the creation of Surrey (UK) artist Elle J. Wilson. You should go to her Etsy shop and see lots more of her work. I was attracted to the way she often chooses to mix long elegant lines with obvious humor and personality - which, if you know greyhounds, that's them. (The ones I know, anyway.) But I should let Elle speak for herself:
* * *
The majority of my artwork is based around the Sighthound Group of dogs. Greyhounds, Borzoi, Italian Greyhounds, Saluki etc.
My life and illustrations of dogs seem to intertwine with each other. On many occasions the titles I choose for my pieces have something to do with the way I am feeling on that particular day or what seems to be happening in my life. I guess I could write a book on the stories behind the names I give my paintings.
I really like my pieces to contain some kind of emotion, whether it be silly, sad, happy, grumpy; and in particular when I work on a private commission, I may spend hours just looking at the photographs a customer sends me. I feel like I need the photo to "talk" to me. I want to feel a connection with the dog itself, and then it's like the photo will tell me when it wants to be painted. Some pieces I am almost sad to send off, never to be seen again in the flesh. But... if I know that what I paint is making someone happy, then what else could I ask for.
* * *
She made me happy! Great greyhound, Elle.


euthymic said...

It's a lovely painting:)

cate said...

Elle looks beautifully demure. Love this painting, it seems very peaceful and Elle is quite the lady - lovely :)

Winnie said...

Very striking!

Thanks for sharing the work of this creative artist. We'll go and look out some more of her pictures.

Love and licks, Winnie