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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

go get 'em

courtesy wikipaintings.org; public domain
The year is 1783, the menswear is frankly awesome if you dig Adam Ant and I do, and dogs are amped and rarin' to go as they always are, no matter the century.  This is the great American/British portraitist John Singleton Copley, best known for pieces like his Paul Revere and Watson and the Shark.  Here he's brought us The Western Brothers - Charles and Shirley (yes, that's right) and their unnamed dog.  This is a tasteful portrait of two upperclass boys - Charles would become Baron Western of Rivenhall - but yet it's likeable, even jolly, thanks to the inclusion of their high-spirited pet.  
Copley is interesting to read about and will win your sympathy.  Read the Wikipedia page for him here.  There's a bit more on this painting here.

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