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Friday, May 18, 2012

washing cats...don't try this at home!

copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
In a tiny paper universe Senorita Cara Carmina and her four cats have many adventures.  They go to the fish market, play hide and seek, and go on a hot air balloon ride.  So after all that excitement sometimes they need a wash.  Here's "Washing Cats," by Norma Andreu (the grown-up, real-life Cara Carmina), a Mexican artist now living in Montreal.  These dioramas are funny, inventive fantasies that make me laugh out loud and dream a bit about getting in there with them.  Look, here's some more at Norma's blog.  I adore how she makes these simple linear figures so rich in presence.  But this isn't all she does, so be sure and visit her website for a cheerful look around.  Would you like a photoprint or even your very own diorama?  Check out her Etsy shop.  I'm so delighted to close out my Friday night by spotting the fish in every cat scene!


Cara Carmina said...

Thank you so much!!!!! :D

Loren said...

So I like this a lot.