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Thursday, July 26, 2012

53 cats for 53 stations

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD:US}}
Cat lover Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese;1798-1861) created this cute take on Hiroshige's print series The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido.  Here we'll find...if we know how!...kitty shorthand for the 53 rest locations along the coastal highway between Tokyo and Kyoto.  Can't see the kitties well?  Look hereAn interactive tour of the Tokaido route is here
It seems the cats are nicknamed and themed after puns on the station names.  I tried and tried to find a list, but no dice (if you find one, I'd love to see it).  Meanwhile, can you find...
 - a white cat with black spots, running off with a blue fish
 - a calico holding a red and white kerchief
 - ...and another calico with the same kind of kerchief on its head
 - a marmalade cat on a gray, flowered cushion
Bonus! Can you spot the cat who has three mice behind him doing some kind of "booga booga" dance?

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