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Thursday, July 05, 2012

animals through many eyes

This morning I'm sending you to another blog I've just discovered and don't know how I ever lived without:

Animalarium's blogger, Laura O., notes in her blogbio "Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by strange and beautiful things. I enjoy sharing my love of animals, art, graphic design and illustrated books."  And share she does, in a truly rich and generous outpouring of all animals, envisioned all types of ways - wherever does she find the time? But I'm so glad she does.  Do a search for cats like I did here.   Find her tag for bunnies and hares and see that search.  Or whatever, look up gazelles and see what you get.  I wish I could sit here all day and look at this blog.


Winnie said...

Oh you are a star!! I didn't know about that blog either and now I'm following it too.


Love and licks, Winnie

parlance said...

Yes, it's a real find. Thanks for sharing.