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Thursday, August 30, 2012

another one of those cat poems

Another, uh, unforgettable selection from The Miscellaneous Poems of Mrs. Hannah Eayrs Barron:

Dear Billy is dead, that clever cat,
His troubles now are o'er;
He cannot catch the mice and rats, 
As he has done before.

No more he'll sing his fine duet, 
With Kitty Spot, mee-ow;
No other cats can sing so well,
I think they don't know how.

It was not for want of milk or meat,
That Billy came to die;
But he was sick like other cats,
That was the reason why.

'Twill do no good to call for him,
He wont come back I know;
For he has gone to pussy land, 
Where all good kitties go.

-- You will find this jewel on page 300.

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