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Friday, August 24, 2012

tommy and the chickens, 1884 (hopefully now viewable!)

text and image in public domain

From a children's teaching text mixing lessons in kindness to animals with reading comprehension.
Book of cats and dogs: and other friends for little folks, James Johonnot (New York: American Book, 1884) p. 20.  I love those little crazy winglets on the chicks.


parlance said...

The image doesn't come up on my computer. I'd love to see it.

curator said...

Hi Parlance - Oh, shoot, really? I will try to make an image file out of it instead of an embed.

Four Dinners said...

remestiketEprightnFoMaximus advises me - in his more lucid moments currently - that chickens are for eating.

I doubt he could eat a fish right now that jumped out of the pond and said 'Please eat me'....

Maximus is ok though - thank you for asking.

Pikeys (or Gypsies in America) are stealing cats for 'Dog Baiting'...we strongly suspect Maximus survived an attempted 'catnap'...hence he came home terrified.

Anyroad...he's home safe and The Stealth Bomber is investigating...

A cat amongst chickens?...supurb!!!

parlance said...

Thanks, Curator. I enjoyed the little story.