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Sunday, September 09, 2012

a dachshund in hot pursuit

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Fresno artist David J. Rogers has been creating watercolor portraits and scenes since 1980.  I asked him if I might post this "Dachshund at the Beach," as its pale sunwashed color reminded me so sweetly of the Southern Oregon/Northern Calfornian beaches I saw and ran along this summer.  When he agreed, he pointed me toward his main site DogPrintsGallery.com.  There I discovered that he has got to be one of the most inclusive dog artists I have ever met.  Would you like a portrait of a Cairn Terrier?  A Belgian Tervuren? A Dogo Argentino?  He has all those and more, and if you have a breed he has missed, I would very interested to hear what that breed could be.  He's also on Etsy at k9artgallery.

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parlance said...

His artwork is lovely. It sure would be great to have a real watercolor print of a beloved dog. Interesting site. Thanks for the link.