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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cats on vinyl

Actually the cardboard covering the vinyl (or stuck into the jewel cover).  I'm talking about the many ways cats have adorned album covers since the LP came to be.  Like you, I saw those great cat spoofs of many famous covers, but it wasn't till this morning I thought "Wonder if anyone ever tried gathering ones where the cats were on there in the first place?"
And that, Museum friends, is how I found the glorious Tumbler Cat Cover.
I don't even know most of these artists (well, even I know Presidents of the United States' Kitty), but boy, am I tempted now -
James Yorkston, I Was a Cat From a Book
Gallon Drunk, The Last Gasp
some nifty collection called Mambo for Cats
Oh, look.  Lords of Acid.  There's someone I know.  Though I can't say I ever ran into that album before.
Prepare to blow many minutes on end!

1 comment:

Everycat said...

Oh Curator, how you have cheered us with this exhibit. The Ape will be spending much time there.

Gerry & Mungo