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Friday, November 16, 2012

cat people, a fantasy look

image copyright by and kindest courtesy of Donna M. Sanna, all rights reserved
At Etsy shop AnimalFancy, Donna Sanna's created a world full of gentle vintage-style portraits - of animals being people as only our memories could fashion them.  Above, "Paris" reminded me of Elizabeth, while this one is quite the essence of KatVonD.   Here's what Donna says about the alchemy she makes:
"As an anthropomorphic digital artist, I create these whimsical images as a means to bring forth the personalities of our beloved pets through body language, expression, wardrobe, and color. As all animal lovers know, each and every one has distinct character traits that effortlessly steal our hearts forever. I hope to capture those traits in my work and share my love for animals in a unique and delightful way."
By the way, she can do this for your pet, too. Imagine the possibilities!  I think of Elizabeth as a flapper...KatVonD as a 19th century New Englander...Veronica in Montmartre...

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Pet Memorials said...

wow this is cool, very unique!