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Monday, November 12, 2012

veterans, four-footed

I couldn't post yesterday, but it was Veterans' Day here in the States.  I always want to take time to thank those who have served and currently serve in our armed forces, who give up so much so that I can sit here snugly posting away.  Among those brave souls deserving thanks are some with fur, and the United States War Dog Association is for them.  There you can learn what sort of duties canine soldiers undertake, see the Wall of Honor, even find a regional chapter if you would like to be a part of this fine cause.  Lots there to see and think about.
Perhaps you'd like to adopt a deserving hero?  Military Working Dogs Adoptions can help you find a noble new family member.
And on the other side of the pet food aisle, I always love looking over these photos of some little orange kittens rescued by soldiers in Afghanistan, and hoping everyone made it home okay.

Thank you, veterans all, and bless you.

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