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Monday, December 10, 2012

in spanish, el gato?

From Neumann and Baretti's dictionary of the Spanish and English languages: wherein the words are correctly explained, agreeably to their different meanings, and a great variety of terms relating to the arts, sciences, manufactures, merchandise, navigation, and trade, elucidated, Volume 1 (Boston: Hilliard, Gray and Co., 1839), and that actually is the entire title, some words for cats and their ways. . . 

Desgatar: to hunt and destroy cats; to root out the herb called cat-mint.
Desmurador:  mouser, a cat that catches mice.
Gata: a she-cat.
Gatada:  Clawing, the act of wounding with claws; turn of a hare which is closely pursued; theft or robbery effected in an artful manner.
Gatazo: a large cat; a clumsy joke; an artful trick.
Gateado (gateada): Feline, cat-like.
Gatera: A cat's hole, through which cats go in and out; cat-mint.
Gatesco:  Belonging to cats, feline.
Gaticida: (In the jocular style) Cat-killer.  (Wait, what? - Curator)
Gatita: a small cat.
Maullador: applied to a cat which mews or cries much.
Maullar: to mew or cry as a cat.
Romano:  Roman, belonging or related to Rome; tabby, variegated with grey and black; applied to a cat.

Oh! So Elizabeth is a gata Romano, am I right?

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