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Friday, December 07, 2012

tell's tower: built in memory of a dog

From Wide World Magazine.
Of the memorials to dogs the most imposing of modern date is "Tell's Tower," a structure on the seashore near West Kirby, Chershire, England.  It is in honor of the Great St. Bernard dog, Tell, "ancestor of most of the roughcoated champions of England, and himself winner of every prize in the kingdom.  He was majestic in appearance, noble in character, and of undaunted courage."  Built by the late Mr. J. Cumming Macdona, the tower is a sort of summer house, in the base of which is a vault containing Tell's remains, guarded by an effigy of the remarkable animal.
-- From Waggles: Dog Stories, G. A. Gearhart, compiler (Buffalo, NY, 1910), p.114.

I have found some old photos of Tell's Tower here.  There is a decent picture of the grave.

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