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Saturday, January 05, 2013

one gold moment, three black and white cats

thanks wikimedia commons {PD:US}
Perhaps if I lit enough candles, I'd get this golden light in my cold gray January day.  Certainly I have three cats that I can swing about.  Look at the pudgy face on one of the cats being held aloft: is that a "Ha ha I'm liked more than you" face, or a "Hate it hate it hate it" face?  In any case I hope all the cats get turns, since the one on the floor would like a lift so very much.  This jewel-like work of 1900 is by the Hungarian painter J├ínos Vaszary (1867—1938).  He seems to have been an artist who liked to dip into a number of the avant-garde styles on offer during his youth, including that of the French Symbolist Puvis de Chavannes, whose serenity and sensitive modeling I can perhaps catch here a little.  Only a little.

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