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Sunday, February 17, 2013

cats on film. more ways than one.

If you asked me "Who's your favorite cat on film?" I'd be all stymied for a second, and then I'd say "The CatBus on My Neighbor Totoro," and then you'd say, "No, you have to pick a real cat," and I'd say "Okay then, Jonesy from Alien."
While Jonesy seriously is a badass ginger kitty, I don't think I've put enough thought into the matter.
Luckily, Cats on Film has.  Lots of thought and effort in a terrific blog.  And Jonesy is Cat on Film #100.

TotalFilm, one of my two favorite film magazines (the other is Empire) put out a list of 50 Greatest Movie Cats last year.  Though it started promisingly with Blofeld's white Angora from all those Bond movies, next up at #49 was Mike Myers as The Cat in the Hat. Then #48 was Fritz the Cat.  And I thought that was lame, but you might get some fun out of the list anyway.  BuzzFeed has a short list too. It's okay.

There's an app for folks with iPad and iPhone access in which you guess the movie from some animated cats - MovieCat. Not strictly "cats on film" but it looks too fabulous not to mention.  Plus, the cats are done by Brian Kirk and I personally think his cat movie posters are genius.

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Bernadette said...

Who knew?! thanks for the link to a place to explore!