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Monday, February 18, 2013

network awesome dedicates today to cats!

(I almost forgot about this.  One of the folks at Network Awesome wrote me last night to give me a heads up on this...)
Network Awesome loves felines! So today (Feb. 18) they feature an entire day of cat videos and related movies!  (**Curatorial note -- the site doesn't like Internet Explorer very much. Try Chrome.)
The schedule includes a hilarious collection of ‘When cats attack’, collections of music and art inspired by these fascinating creatures as well as a mockumentary about their favorite controlled substance, catnip! In addition, the program includes the Korean horror film ‘The Cat’ and Stephen King’s 1985 Cat’s Eye. If you fancy felines, you will surely enjoy today’s programming!
All shows broadcast today but they will be available at any time on our archive.
Network Awesome is dependably surprising online TV. We feature 6 shows a day curated from YouTube. Our system stitches the various videos together and presents it linearly to the viewer. Sure, that's innovative - but our programming is the main feature. We have more than 7,000 + shows to choose from in our archive - and they all rule.
 (The selections go all over the map - I've just seen Toki's song for his cat from Metalocalypse, and now it's "Cat" with Bjork leading the Sugarcubes. I could watch a Korean horror movie called The Cat from 2011, but nah.)

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Travelling Cats said...

Never heard of Network Awesome before. I'll have to check them out. Have a lovely week.