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Monday, March 04, 2013

landseer's "brazilian marmosets"

thanks wikipaintings.org (PD)
I was so fortunate as to see a number of fine Sir Edwin Landseer paintings yesterday at Seattle Art Museum (they were part of the Treasures of Kenwood House show).  This one was not among them; it's part of the Royal collection at Buckingham Palace.  I wish it had been as this is not the greatest reproduction and I'd love to see how marvelous those little monkeys look close up.  These must have been someone's unusual pets, their special and tropical status pointed up by the luscious pineapple upon which they are parked.  (Pineapples were available when this painting was created in 1842, but certainly not as convenient to get as now.  Here's a neat article about pineapples in Georgian Britain, just because I found it.)  These two are scoping out a bug on the pineapple's crown - see it?

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