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Saturday, April 20, 2013

beribboned hair, bemused cat

thanks wikimedia commons {PD:old}
Here's a portrait by Johann Eberhard Ihle (German: 1727-1814), one of Nuremberg's premier portrait painters, with a curious and likable pair.  This is "Ritratto Di Dama In Abito Color Rosa Con Nastri Azzurri Che Nutre Un Gattino," that is, Portrait of a Lady In a Pink Dress With Blue Ribbons Feeding a Kitten.


parlance said...

Is it a wig? Otherwise, how could you sleep with a hairdo like that?

curator said...

I believe it is - though I have read that in order to give the wig a base, women would put a stiffening paste in it and not wash it for who knows how long. Ugh!

curator said...

(I meant in their original hair. Pretty sure there was all kinds of stuff in the wig anyway.)

The Lee County Clowder said...

Let me guess, this dude had a black dog named Blackie, and a white cat named Whitey, right?

Are all of his paintings as descriptively named?

curator said...

Hi LCC - I know, right?