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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

fifty "do's" for dogs

From an encyclopedia of the dog dated 1925 (and do allow for some obsolescence here!):

— Be kind to all animals.
Provide clean and sanitary bedding for the dog.
Allow sunshine.
Furnish a. comfortable bed.
Provide cool and fresh drinking water at all times.
Feed the proper food.
Feed regularly.
Allow sufficient exercise.
Give raw chopped beef two times daily, for it is the dog's best natural diet.
Provide milk to drink between meals. (I think this is a "no" now. --  curator)
Always furnish a large bone for him to chew on.
Make a pal of your dog.
Bathe the dog occasionally to prevent the customary dog odor.
Comb the hair after bathing.
Watch the dog for symptoms of sickness.
Keep the nails trimmed.
Bathe the toes after exercising.
Remove all foreign bodies from between the toes.
Keep the dog free from fleas.
Allow a shady spot in warm weather in which to lie.
Clip long-haired dogs in the summer.
Train the dog for the leash.
Provide professional treatment for sick animals.
Furnish comfortable and sanitary crates for dogs traveling distances.
Brush the teeth once a week.
Make provision for food and water for animals traveling in crates.
Use non-irritating soaps for the dog's bath.
See that the coat is rinsed thoroughly after bathing.
Train the dog to obey.
Use kindness in training.
Allow the dog the companionship of children.
Train the dog to obey one master only.
Care for the dog's teeth.
Take the dog for long walks.
Teach the dog a few tricks.
Train your dog to pose for the ring.
Enter the dog in a show, even though you may think that he has little chance of winning.
Allow him to go swimming in the summer time.
House break (train) the dog early.
Bathe the eyes frequently, especially after returning from a ride.
Watch the bowel movements for symptoms of sickness.
Train the dog to guard your property.
Keep the dog out of draughts.
Worm the dog at least three times a year.
Allow eggs once a week in place of the meat.
Choose a good home for your dog in the summer while you are on your vacation.
Purchase the yearly dog license early in the spring.
Fasten this tag securely to the collar.
If necessary provide a wire muzzle for the dog. (Hmm - I don't think I like that one - curator)
Provide warm clothing for the dog while outdoor in the winter time.

-- From William Lewis Judy, The dog encyclopedia, a complete reference work on dogs (Chicago: Judy Publishing Company, 1925), pp. 63-4.  There's a list of fifty don'ts, too.

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