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Friday, April 12, 2013

friday night miscellaneous

From new friends and old, some interesting doings outside the usual Pet Museum type posts...
New friends FeedTheBreed have cool tshirts and stuff that fund feeding hungry dogs.  Special mention of greyhounds and pitties.
Did you see Susan Faye's awesome Kickstarter for producing her line of snazzy OhRats?  I gave $5!
Winedoggies sound like good folks and a great excuse to bring the dog to your Yakima Valley wine trip.
I followed Woodstock on Twitter.  (I mean, where else would he be?)  I couldn't help it - he's my favorite Peanuts character.
Kunstdog does hilarious dog portraits.
Not pet related, but I do like the idea of chainmail. Elizabeth would be so pretty in a copper chainmail collar. (Never gonna happen.)
Did you see this gorgeous photoessay of Southern porch dogs from Garden&Gun magazine?

**Late breaking addition** Who's got better delivery of a Shakespearean insult than a cat? Nobody.

Time to grab some cats and go to sleep.  See you tomorrow, friends.

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