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Thursday, April 11, 2013

two innocents: dog and girl, karl bryullov

thanks wikimedia commons {PD-old-100}
In a dense wood where the sunlight makes its way through as best it can, a delicate, intense girl stands.  She holds her dog, a creature equally delicate yet thorough in its regard.  Did she really need that heavy cape?  She has it balanced on a shoulder as if about to throw it back and run.  As though all she needed from then on was her dog and her own will.  This is a portrait of U. M. Smirnova painted sometime in the years 1837-1840 by Karl Bryullov, the Russian history and portrait painter.  I don't know any more about the enchanting and determined pair here, but I wish I did.


Bernadette said...

Really, that is one heck of a cape for mid summer. She and the dog are beautiful, though!

curator said...

They are, aren't they? I felt like she was just on the brink of something very momentous...and her dog had to come, but to blazes with all else. I wish I knew more about her.