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Monday, July 22, 2013

a tentative visitor

thanks wikimedia commons (PD-art (PD-old-90-1923))
This morning it so happens that while I was talking Veronica out of going in...and out...and in...hopefully to happily stay in, I came across this oil on panel by the early Impressionist Gotthardt Kuehl (German, 1850-1915).  It's called "Das Gartenzimmer" (The Garden Room) and dates from 1897.  Why are there two big bowls of - is it milk? - out in the middle of the floor?  Look at the door. Ah, there it is: a black and white cat, parked right at the threshold, looking in at temptation.  Go in already, kitty cat.

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parlance said...

I've know dogs to behave like, also.