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Saturday, July 27, 2013

bird girl

thanks wikimedia commons (PD-Art{PD-art-old-100})
Here's William Powell Frith (English, 1819-1909) in 1869 with "The Two Doves."  You've already beaten me to this, but the other dove is the woman.  Very high Victorian sentiment, and makes sense for a couple of reasons:  Frith was one of the most successful traditionalist and academic painters of his time, AND he had a  wife plus (concurrent and nearby) mistress.  Total children between the two?  19.  Ah Victorians...such split moral personalities. 
The little lost and found bird is still here, more cheerful, but very bored in our study - the only room in our very small house that we can close off from the cats and dog.  I try to keep him amused, and the others pacified.  He's watching me now as I type this.  We think we have found the owners.  I hope they appreciate what a dear friendly creature he is.

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