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Monday, July 15, 2013

charles ii wants his dog back

It takes amazing boldness to kidnap a British monarch's dog, but that's what seems to have happened to one of King Charles II's pets. . . and he wasn't above whatever it took to get it back, as this snippet from an article shows.
* * *
Apropos of Charles II.'s love of dogs, the following advertisement from the "Mercurius Publicus" of June 28—July 5, 1660, a copy of which is now preserved in the British Museum, is interesting. It is supposed to have been written by the merry monarch himself, and to refer to a dog that the king loved, and which had been presented to him by Pepys. The advertisement reads:
We must call upon you again for a black dog, between a Grayhound and a spaniel, no white about him, only a streak on his Brest, and his Tayl a little bobbed. It is his Majestie's own Dog and doubtless was stoln, for the dog was not born nor bred in England and would never forsake his Master. Whosoever findes him may acquaint any at Whitehal, for the dog was better known at court than those who stole him.
Will they never leave robbing his Majesty? Must he not keep a Dog? This Dog's place (Though better than some imagine) is the only place which nobody offers to beg.
Whether his Majesty recovered the dog, history, unfortunately, does not tell.
* * *
I hope he did.  This was found in "The Pets of Noted People," by Bury Irwin Dasent,  St. Nicholas vol 28 part I (Nov. 1900 to April 1901), p. 404.

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What an interesting snippet!