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Friday, July 19, 2013

lucky cats, lucky me

I got to visit this show at Bellevue Arts Museum yesterday:  Maneki Neko:  Japan's Beckoning Cats - From Talisman to Pop Icon.  (I hope this link stays up a while.)

The two photos above and below are modern takes on these bringers of fortune.  Below, artist Moxie brings us a felted fake-neko: "Make your own luck!" It's a slug thing in a kitty eared hat.  

And now some treats from the show itself.

Army of nekos!

The museum had an excellent sheet of additional information, including this article and  this video of Boris Petrovsky's action installation, "The Army of Luck or The Global Pursuit of Happiness."  Think I had fun?  You better believe I had fun.


DamnCuteBunny said...

How long is the show going on? Looks fun!

curator said...

Hi DCB - It closes August 4! Hope you can make it - it's not a big show but it holds a lot.