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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

terrier alert! - introducing anna paget

image copyright & by kindest permission of the artist
Ink for an inky-black terrier, in bold busy lines that reflect the cheer and energy of that doggy tribe, makes for a perfect snapshot of a "Terrier Dog" in this original work from Anna Paget.  I asked her about herself and about this piece.  Here's her answer:
* * *
I am an artist that lives in beautiful Devon, England. 16 years ago I achieved a degree in fine art and since then I have let work get in the way, there is always a bill that needs to be paid! A few months ago I decided to pack up my nurse's uniform and pick up my brushes again and I haven't looked back. I am loving using oils, water colour and ink.
This terrier picture is drawn with ink. I drew this dog because it reminded me of a dog called Sky that used to visit a mental health clinic I was working in; she was a beautiful natured dog who understood that humans also had needs. She provided comfort and laughs when ever she was there. I promised that one day I would find a terrier just as lovely as her. Sadly my contrary cat Dr Socks won't allow any animals in my house and he has the last say. But I live in hope.
* * *
Anna also mentioned to me that she's shortly to do some projects on pets that have fallen out of fashion, such as armadillos and pygmy hedgehogs.  I will be very interested to see those.  Meanwhile I'd like you to see her Etsy shop, NaturalGlitzyMuseum (here's a white cat I love) and her Facebook page.

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