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Thursday, August 08, 2013

whaaat? it's world cat day?

thanks wikimedia commons (PD-old)
How did THAT sneak up on me?  Happy World Cat Day, kitties all, including the beauteous Elizabeth currently skewering me with disapproving green eyeballs.  In celebration here's John William Godward's* The Tease of 1901.

*Godward is a bit interesting in a tragic way.  You might find the link to his Wikipedia page interesting.  He should clearly have spent more time with his pets.


Father Tom said...

Happy World Cat Day to you, too, and thank you for your kind words of comfort when we lost our special kitty Tom.

Take care xx

Tinker, Mom Julie, Mittens, Anastasia and Angel Tom

curator said...

Dear gang over at Father Tom's house,
I know too well how much it hurts to lose a special kitty friend (and dog friend too). The caring thoughts of friends old and new helped me then and I hope to comfort you now. With hugs, Your friendly Curator