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Monday, October 07, 2013

a kind dog saves a cat

A Brave Dog.—Some years ago an illfated cat fell into the hands of some young ruffians, who alternately stoned their victim and dragged her through a dirty pool of water. Presently a dog came up who could not endure the sight, and at once drove the cruel boys furiously from the spot. He then sprang to the bleeding animal and bore it tenderly to his own quarters. There he commenced licking it all over, until the cat began to revive; and then laying himself upon it, diffused through it his own warmth. He now fetched some provision for his charge, and day after day continued his attentions until the cat perfectly recovered, and they were for many years greatly attached to one another.

 -- Do you know a dog that has done something like that?  I'd love to hear.  
This anecdote is from The Little Gleaner, A Monthly Magazine for the Young (Vol. I, New Series; London: Houlston and Sons, 1879), p.182.  A Christian periodical, this magazine is full of the 19th-century variety of improving thoughts and words.  I have great respect for this, but can't help but be glad we don't write this kind of thing for little kids any more (the snippet comes from the New Year's article): 
Some who read the first pages of last year's Little Gleaner are now no more in this world. They have been called to lay aside our little Magazine and all things else below, and to leave behind kind parents, companions, and friends; and the dark, cold, silent grave has opened to receive their bodies; but their immortal spirits have returned to God who gave them.

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Undine said...

Gosh, those Victorians were a cheery lot.

I do know of a somewhat similar case. A while back, my mother's Saint Bernard found a stray kitten in her garage. He came back to the house and led my mother to where the cat was hiding. The kitten was quite wild, and obviously frightened. For some time she wouldn't come out, or let people near her, but she'd let the dog "visit" with her.

Finally, my mother was able to bring her into the house. The cat's doing fine now, and she and the dog are still the best of friends.