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Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween 2013

courtesy wpclipart.com (PD)
The Legend of Hell Mary Hill. Not many miles from Sheffield, as I was told by one who resided near the place, there is a forest; and in an out-of-the-way part of it, a hill, tolerably high, covered with wood, and vulgarly called Hell Mary Hill, though probably this is a name corrupted from one more innocent or holy. Near the top of it is a cave, containing, it is said, a chest of money,— a great iron chest, so full, that when the sun shines bright upon it, the gold can be seen through the key-hole; but it has never yet been stolen, because, in the first place, a huge black cat (and wherever a black cat is there is mischief, you may be sure) guards the treasure, which bristles up, and, fixing a gashful gaze on the would-be marauder, with fiery eyes, seems ready to devour him if he approach within a dozen yards of the cave. . .
- from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction: Containing Original Essays vol. 10 (London: J. Limbird, 1828) p. 372.
Extra treat!  While looking for a post image this morning I stumbled across BlueBison.net.  Drop over and enjoy their funny and clever Halloween illustrations.

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