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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

cat with eggs: meet nancy lee davis

image copyright by and with kindest permission of the artist
Here's an image of a very well behaved cat with three delightfully rollable temptations.  I was attracted to the warm, Early American feel of this image and sought out the artist, Nancy Lee Davis of Wisconsin.  She paints as "Percy Finch," and told me: 
I've taken oil painting very seriously for many years but a while back I thought I might enjoy painting cats - and I love it. And I decided it would be fun to have the visual arts equivalent of a pen name which is how the "Percy Finch" situation came about...I'm one of those people who loves the entire history of painting behind me so am influenced by all that.
Much of her work has a sweet surrealism through which cats move as serenely as they ever and always do.  Have a look at them on her Etsy shop.  Try "Cats Out West," or "Cats on the Water."

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