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Thursday, December 19, 2013

lacy kitty twins: meet artist ola liola

image copyright and by kindest courtesy of the artist
Berlin artist Ola Liola creates some of the most beautiful surrealist patterns I've ever seen.  Here are her Lacy Twins, in which you have to take a second look (I did) to see what those fine tabby stripes contain. The luxury of the patterning perfectly models the cats, and makes them seem as though their beauty is so lush that the flowers just kinda had to explode from them.
"I capture my art as experience based surrealism, reality turning into a MYTH," Ola writes. "The images are decorative, almost trying too hard to be pretty. In a closer look, though, one can see different layers and an abundance of details. The collection of many fine details and textures emphasize the characteristic and energy of the figure I'm CREATING."   Her background as a freelance illustrator and fashion accessory designer helps too, leading her to ask questions of herself: ". . . How could I express emotion with color? How certain thoughts, feelings or special events receive a visual expression? How to fit these expressions on to living things?"

I've given you her website above, and you can't go wrong with anything at her Etsy shop TevaKiwi.  I particularly recommend her wren (I love wrens and like to see them getting their due). 

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