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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


thanks wikimedia commons (PD)
That's the translation of this lively work's German title, Spielgefahrten.  Painted in 1916 by Ferdinand Max Bredt (1860-1921), this scene of domestic joy seems to have been a departure from the exotic settings for which he was famed.  He traveled to places which inspired him in that particular way, such as Turkey and Tunisia, and I read that he even built his home and studio in an Arabic style.  Since he lived in the Bavarian village of Ruhpolding, you'd think someone would have a photo of that wonder somewhere, but I haven't scuffed it up yet.
I can see the same liking for warm color here that Bredt uses in his Orientalist work, and it suits the scene.  Notice how the most tightly worked section is is the dog's blissful face.  Love it.

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